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Equip your bar, restaurant, or hotel with a commercial ice maker. Choose from air or water cooled units to find the perfect ice machine for your needs.

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Ice Bins and Dispensers

Ice Bins and Dispensers

It's important to keep your ice frozen and sanitary until use. Our ice bins, dispensers, and machine-dispenser combos will help you do just that.

Ice Merchandisers

Ice Merchandisers

Catch customers’ eyes and increase ice sales at your grocery or convenience store with our indoor and outdoor ice merchandisers.

Ice Machine Parts and Accessories

Ice Machine Parts and Accessories

Keep your ice maker running efficiently with our ice machine parts and accessories, including everything from scoops to water filtration parts.

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By outfitting your establishment with the proper commercial ice equipment and supplies, you can complete your daily tasks more efficiently. Plus, when you have these scoops, buckets, and dispensers on hand, you can handle and transport freshly-made ice in a sanitary way. Additionally, you can stock up on machine parts, like water filtration systems an appliance connectors, to keep your machines operating smoothly and efficiently. For other essential products for your establishment, be sure to check out our countertop ice bin merchandisers, ice bin coolers, and tabletop salad bars. If you're wondering where to buy commercial ice equipment and supplies, we have a large selection of commercial ice equipment and supplies for sale at the lowest prices.

Types of Ice Machines

Nearly every type of food service business needs an ice machine . Because there are so many different configurations and styles available, it's important to understand what is available to find the best ice maker to suit your business's needs.

How to Clean an Ice Machine

Ice is used in almost every foodservice setting, from restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and coffee shops, to nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Since ice is such an important part of food service, it’s important for professionals to know how to clean an ice machine . In fact, these machines are often some of the dirtiest pieces of equipment in the kitchen. While every ice machine has its own special maintenance requirements, most follow a basic overall process. This article will take you through a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the ice machine cleaning process. Why It’s Important to Clean an Ice Machine The FDA defines ice as a food , which means it must be handled and cared for in the same manner as other food products. No matter what type of ice machine your establishment operates, it’s imperative that you clean, sanitize, and maintain it. Any part of the unit that has contact with water can develop scale, slime, or mold at any time, which will contaminate your ice and potentially harm your customers. Your ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every six months for efficient operation. This maintenance process requires you to first perform a cleaning procedure to remove lime, scale, and mineral deposits, followed by a sanitizing procedure to disinfect the unit and remove algae and slime. If you don’t keep up on maintenance, scale buildup can cause ice to stick to the evaporator plates, which can impede heat transfer and result in freeze-ups, longer harvest times, reduction in capacity, and costly repairs. Not cleaning your machine can also lead to the formation of dangerous slime and mold. If you experience some of the following issues, it may be time to clean your ice machine: Ice machine does not release ice or is slow to harvest Ice machine does not cycle into harvest mode Ice quality is poor (soft or not clear) Ice machine produces shallow or incomplete cubes Low ice capacity Now we’ll get into the proper ice machi

Produce, Package, and Merchandise Your Ice with the Proper Commercial Ice Equipment and Supplies

If you’re looking for commercial ice equipment and supplies for your establishment, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for ice makers and merchandisers for your hotel or hospital or buckets and scoops for your bar or restaurant, we have you covered. Plus, all of our products are made from durable materials, so you can rest assured you’re using high-quality items for your day-to-day tasks.

Our selection of commercial ice equipment and supplies includes water, air, and remotely cooled machines for use in your hot, cool, and quiet environments. You can even find smaller undercounter ice makers for placement in your compact kitchen or bar. Plus, we have ice makers that create flake ice, full-size cubes, or nugget ice for your hospital, restaurant, or assisted living center.

You may also need to invest in an ice merchandiser freezer to keep your bagged ice frozen and organized. Choose between visually-appealing units for placement inside your store or durable models for use outside. Plus, all of these products feature colorful decals on their exteriors, so customers know exactly where the bagged ice is located.