Proofing Cabinets

Great for bakeries and pizzerias, these proofing cabinets provide precise humidity and temperature controls to ensure dough rises properly.

Steam Tables and Food Wells

Steam Tables and Food Wells

Perfect for use in your buffet line, steam tables and food wells hold and display your hot or cold food items, so guests can easily serve themselves.

Heat Lamps

Heat Lamps

Place heat lamps over prepared food or clamp them onto your carving station to keep food warm until it’s ready for pickup.

With commercial food warmer and fold holding equipment options to hold anything from French fries at your fast food establishment to cook and hold ovens for catered events, we’ve got everything you need for your holding and warming needs. Browse our wide variety of food warming equipment to serve up hot and fresh food to your customers or guests. You might also want to check out our other prep refrigeration, stainless steel steam table food pans, and insulated food carriers and beverage carriers for even more food prep and storage options. If you're wondering where to buy food holding and warming equipment, we have a large selection of food holding and warming equipment for sale at the lowest prices.

Steam Tables Buying Guide

What are steam tables? They're used by caterers, hotels, buffets, cafeterias, and anyone else who needs to lay out a delicious spread of hot food to serve a crowd of hungry guests while maintaining safe hot food temperatures. These tables hold hot food at ideal serving temperatures throughout meal service by way of either moist or dry heating, depending on whether or not water is used in the pan or well above the heat source. The popularity of steam tables among people in the foodservice industry has helped to grow the market, and thus, there are dozens of different styles to choose from to fit your culinary and budgetary needs.

Types of Countertop Warmers, Soup Kettles, and Rethermalizers

When preparing large quantities of food for lots of people, it can be difficult to keep food hot and fresh. That is where food warmers make a practical and convenient option. Whether you are cooking for a buffet, catering an event, or serving large groups of people that are coming and going, food warmers can make a big difference in how your food is prepared and stays warm for customers and guests. This guide will help you understand these products, including their differences and features to consider, so you can make the most informed decision to accommodate your needs.

Heat Lamp / Strip Warmer Buying Guide

Most foodservice operations need some form of food warming equipment to keep the product at a safe temperature until it goes out to the customer, and if you operate a buffet, where large quantities of food are always kept on hand, proper food warming becomes even more vital. Because there are so many options available to you, it's important to know which is the best fit for your business.

Keep Meals at Proper Serving Temperatures in our Selection of Food Holding Equipment

Hold food at the proper serving temperature with our selection of food holding and warming equipment! From steam tables to soup wells, drawer warmers to heat lamps, find the proper food holding equipment you need for your catering, buffet, or other foodservice business. Whether you need food warming equipment for hot entrées or a refrigerated unit for storing perishable products, you’ll find the best piece of equipment to suit your food storage needs. Read more

Need to cook a product and keep it at optimum serving temperature? Check out our cook and hold ovens! These handy food holding equipment supplies ensure that food temperatures stay warm enough for serving standards.

We also carry a wide range of food warming equipment that includes banquet carts, as well as cabinets that are perfect for catering events. Our drop in food wells let you create a customized buffet, while our correctional holding cabinets and spec line / institutional units offer unique features for institutions. We also offer specific infrared heat lamp sizes to fit in any commercial kitchen.

Countertop soup and sauce warmers are a great way to warm and serve your best soups and signature stews. Our selection of dish and tray dispensers also ensures that your buffet line will always be well-stocked with everything it needs! Fry dump stations are the perfect place for crispy potato fries. With hundreds of restaurant food warmers and other food holding equipment options available, you're sure to find the perfect option for your business.

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